We provide initial, transition, recurrent, advanced tactical and flight training solutions for law enforcement, military and public service operators of helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft. Offering advanced tactical helicopter pilot, air crew and special operator training, ATTS covers all areas of the specialized skill sets required in practically all make & model airframes including our (in-house) MD500/OH6, BH206/OH58, AS350/355, BH205/UH-1H.  

ATTS offers a wide range of “in house” mission specific training & support equipment including: Tyler Sys. (TSOP) exterior personnel benches, FAST Rope/ Repel kits, K9 Rigs, External load & Water bucket equipment, and offers training in all these skill sets for both pilots & crew including tactical "Live Fire" airborne marksmanship training for Military & Law Enforcement agencies. Come train with us at a 1000+ acre So. Florida Mil/LE dedicated training facility utilizing our (in-house) airframes or yours. If you can’t come to us, our instructors will come to you at your agency’s facility with or w/o our airframes & equipment… The choice is yours!  


Personnel / Instructors Qualifications

All (ATTS) personnel / instructors have current or former law enforcement, military or public service backgrounds and are considered subject experts in their specific "Skill Sets". ATTS instructors train to the "no-compromise" exacting standards while adhering to the strict guidelines and protocols of all industry governing bodies / agencies.

Our Master Flight Instructor is a current LEO and has over 35 years of flying experience in both Rotorcraft & Fixed Wing aircraft with over 15,000 flight hours. Our Director of Training is a retired LEO, Pilot and Special Operator with over 30 years of tactical operations and training experience.